Jet Card

The Jet Card is the most convenient way to travel. There is no capital investment, you simply buy the hours you fly and fly the hours you buy! By pre-purchasing your flight hours, we can offer a discount on flight and wait time charges. You can also enjoy discounts on other aircraft within our fleet and full use of the executive conference room with multi-media equipment. There is no long-term commitment or contract on your part – just a one-year membership with a 30-day courtesy cancellation period. It is a fully customizable solution.


What is the Aero Charter Jet Card?

A Jet Card is a fully customized charter program to meet the specific transportation needs of our customers.

What is the length of the individual program?

Usually, a program is for one year.

What happens to my unused hours at the end of the year?

Typically, one of two things: The unused hours expire at the end of the contract or the contract may be renewed at the end of the year and the unused hours may roll over into the next year.

Since you operate multiple types of aircraft, is the program exclusive to only one aircraft?

A program could easily be designed to include as many aircraft needed to logistically and economically accommodate you.

Who uses this program?

Mainly, individuals and corporations that fly a minimum of 50 hours in a year. This is ideal for those needing to regularly reach the remote parts of our country that don’t have major airports. Keeping in mind that there are more than 5,000 airports in the USA and commercial airlines only reach approximately 500, you can see that chartering easily widens your scope of destinations. It is equally ideal for anyone flying on a regular basis anywhere, anytime, in the world! Think of it. No waiting in line. No flight delays. No hassles. No lost baggage. Heavenly!

Is there any capital investment requirement?

There is no capital investment on your part.

Is this the same as fractional ownership?

Aero Charter’s Jet Card is not fractional ownership. Fractional ownership typically involves a hefty capital investment, a long-term contract, substantial penalties for early termination and a what the market will bear exit strategy. Fractional ownership is more financially burdensome on the individual or corporation.

I don’t know if I qualify or could benefit from this program. Can you help me analyze and decide what’s best for me/my Company?

Of course! Your happiness and satisfaction are paramount to us. Determining the benefits and design for you or your company’s program is part of the “Partner” concept. We will discuss together your needs, and all pertinent questions will be asked. You will be totally satisfied with the content and performance of your program. That is our commitment.