Which Private Plane is Right For My Trip?

Our private plane fleet is top of the line, and we mean it when we say — we have the perfect plane for everyone. Now that you know what it’s like to fly private, you may be wondering which aircraft will be right for your trip. In general, the aircraft for your trip will depend […]

What Is It Like to Fly Private with Aero Charter?

If you have never flown in a private plane before, it is an experience unlike any other. We’ve talked about the benefits of why private plane travel is a safer option, but what about the overall journey, from start to finish? The Charter Flight Experience Let’s take a look at what it is like to […]

Charter Flights May Be More Cost-Effective Than You Think

Charter flights are a safe and efficient way to travel. Many people are interested in private planes but are often afraid to ask: how much will this cost? The cost of a charter flight is impacted by many things: duration of the flight, the number of days, one-way vs. roundtrip vs. multi-leg, destination, size and […]

Why Private Planes Are the Safer Option for Travel in COVID-19


The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the airline industry is no secret. As the virus spread quickly, it was soon realized how much of a risk commercial flights presented. Domestic and international flights have drastically dropped in passenger volumes, down 73 percent and 90 percent respectively. While flights are beginning to pick up, the […]