What Is It Like to Fly Private with Aero Charter?

If you have never flown in a private plane before, it is an experience unlike any other. We’ve talked about the benefits of why private plane travel is a safer option, but what about the overall journey, from start to finish? The Charter Flight Experience Let’s take a look at what it is like to […]

Charter Flights May Be More Cost-Effective Than You Think

Charter flights are a safe and efficient way to travel. Many people are interested in private planes but are often afraid to ask: how much will this cost? The cost of a charter flight is impacted by many things: duration of the flight, the number of days, one-way vs. roundtrip vs. multi-leg, destination, size and […]

Why Private Planes Are the Safer Option for Travel in COVID-19


The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the airline industry is no secret. As the virus spread quickly, it was soon realized how much of a risk commercial flights presented. Domestic and international flights have drastically dropped in passenger volumes, down 73 percent and 90 percent respectively. While flights are beginning to pick up, the […]