“An incredible willingness to accommodate all their customers; this defines my experience of Aero Charter”[Charles]

“We were very impressed with the facilities and services offered by Aero Charter, and are eager to book charter flights with you. You have a great team, and I am certain that our clients would be just as impressed.” [Peggy]

“My recent travels with AeroCharter certainly exceeded all expectations! From our initial arrival at the facility through the return flight to St. Louis, we were quite impressed with the service we received from AeroCharter. Every detail was handled in a first-class manner, the flight crews were extremely professional and well trained, and our safety was clearly of the utmost importance. Overall, I was extremely pleased with AeroCharter and would highly recommend this reputable and well-established company.” [Sheila]

Travel Agency

“We are safely home! AND we had an excellent trip…our travels went smoothly…we loved our driver, Martin and enjoyed the Blarney Castle, Rock of Cashel, Dingle Peninsula, Ring of Kerry and the Cliffs of Moher….and of course, we got to see Dublin as well. Thanks so much for getting us hooked up and offering great advice and suggestions!” [Daryle]

“We had a wonderful trip! All the accommodations were great and you were right about the driver. He was a life saver and so much fun. We couldn’t have done it without you!! Thanks for everything.” [Karen]

“Thanks for checking in. We had a great time. Please see the attached photo that was taken when Martin dropped us off at the Merrion. We all really enjoyed the trip and very much appreciate your advice and work on our behalf.” [Randy and Shelley]

FBO Services

“I’m impressed! We taxied along on 26L, and low and behold, at the end of the runway, we thought, that looks like a good FBO, let’s try it. We’re sure glad we did.” [Rick]

“I found you on AirNav. I usually go down the way to another FBO, but thought I’d give you a try considering you’re a new FBO. I’ll be back…” [Tom]

“This is a wonderful and hospitable facility. The reception to visitors and travelers is most gracious and warm. It offers an impressive contrast with the environments of larger municipal airfields. I felt very comfortable here. Thanks for the service.” [John]


“Thanks for the compliments. Your shop did a great job. It has been very comforting for me knowing the avionics folks, and everyone I have met in connection with the job, have been professional, gracious and helpful.  I like Ned’s approach and thoughtfulness in thinking through how to meet the customer’s needs. All were very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the more technical issues. I thoroughly enjoyed the test flight as well. All in all, I am extremely satisfied with Aero Charter’s avionics department. They were all very professional and helpful throughout the install. I’m looking forward to sharing how pleased I am with the many Chesterfield business owners. Please share my compliments with everyone.” [Scott]

“I am very, very happy. What more can I say. The location is excellent and convenient. I was very pleased with the selection of the products. They gave me very good recommendations. I selected Aero Charter’s Avionics Department because somebody recommended it to me. I talked with them and realized they were very knowledgeable and would give my plane the time it needed. They gave my plane the attention it deserved.” [Mark]

“Aero Charter’s Avionics is A-Plus, Number One! In fact, I always tell people that with all that equipment they put in I could sit back and let my aircraft take me there. Which is true! It’s fabulous! I have GTX300 TIS Transponder and there’s almost more information than I need. Another thing, they didn’t mess anything up! I was shocked when they tore it out. I didn’t think it could be put back without some problem. I was wrong. They put it all back together and everything works! I’ve had that plane 35 years. It’s my baby. My son was 8 years old when I bought it. Now he’s flying his family in it. I trust the work done by Aero Charter’s Avionics Station.” [Bob]

“It’s a feeling of confidence. When I have an avionics or mechanical problem and bring my aircraft to Aero Charter, Inc. I know it’s going to be diagnosed properly and resolved in an dependable and economical manor. They are trustworthy and available to hear my concerns. They listen and fix my aircraft in an economical and competent way. That’s dynamic!” [Terry]

“We [Erik Lindbergh and I] are very grateful for the personal care, attention to detail and willingness to go the extra ?nautical? mile for us that we saw from Aero Charter and from Marty, specifically, in helping us with the Avionics on the New Spirit of St. Louis.” [Gregg]

“Flew into SUS to have some avionics work done on an old, beat-up 150 I was selling. I can tell you there’s no better way to feel out of place than to fly into Spirit in an old 150, and park next to Citations and Hawkers. But, the folks at Aero Charter were super friendly, treated me like an executive, and took care of my old bird in a short time. I’ll definitely be back.” [Tim]

“Aero Avionics is as good as anywhere I’ve ever been; and that says a lot because I’ve been a lot of places. These guys maintain everything in avionics that I have.  All the technicians do a great job. When my 430 WAAS was installed, they had everything laid out neatly and identified.  I would absolutely be happy to recommend Aero Avionics to anyone, it?s the best avionics service I’ve ever had; and your maintenance department, too. Good work is worth paying for.” [Peter]

“I have been very satisfied with Aero Charter’s avionics department. Ned Batchelor and his team worked very hard to provide individualized customer service to ensure I had the right solution for my avionics problem. I thought I would have to live without standby electrical capability in my Mooney due to its age and engine type, but Ned thought outside the box and found a solution that gives me total electrical redundancy. I really appreciated the techs taking time to answer my questions and provide insight during the installation process. From the patient, comprehensive project consultation to the craftsman-like installation work, I had a completely satisfying customer experience, and would not hesitate to recommend Aero Charter to others for their avionics needs.” [Mike]