Not a Luxury, Just Smart Business

Optimize your travel experience. You can easily handle business on-the-go without the worries of large airports, baggage fees, crowds, or lines. We get you to your destination on your schedule because we know nothing is more valuable than your time.


Safety is our #1 focus and priority. We regularly and actively implement the highest safety measures with our premier team of Safety Officers, Pilots and Safety Committee.

Diverse Fleet

Aero Charter provides a wide range of Jet and Turbo-Prop aircraft. Short domestic trips? No problem. Coast-to-coast nonstop? We’re ready to go. Global journeys? We have the plane for you.


We cover all needs, preferences, and price points. It can actually cost more to travel with big airlines when you factor in the number of travelers, baggage, layovers, delays, cancellations, and the accommodations needed to handle them. Nothing is more valuable than your time and with Aero Charter, you won’t waste a second of it.

Full Support Services

In addition to aircraft charter, Aero Charter provides full FBO services, aircraft management, aircraft sales and acquisitions, maintenance, and avionics. It is our custom-tailored service and eye for detail that makes us stand out from the rest.

Call Aero Charter today at 636.449.5100 for Charter Direct. We look forward to serving you!

Why Fly Aero Charter

Optimize your travel time.

Travel to the exact destination you want on your schedule. No more worrying about expensive delays or conflicts. Further make the most of your time by working on-the-go in our spacious planes complete with WiFi and privacy. We will get you from Point A to Point B comfortably and quickly.

Create more time for you and your business.

Think in terms of how many meetings can be set up in a single day.  With traditional travel options, productivity is limited.  With Aero Charter, you can travel to multiple cities in one day and visit multiple clients, thereby maximizing your efficiency and dollars spent.

Let us handle the details.

All we need to know is how much time you need at each destination and we can give you the most cost effective and time efficient itinerary.  Need ground transportation?  We can handle that too, along with hotel arrangements, catering, and any other special request you may have.

More flexibility with your excess baggage.

Not only is there no charge for your bags, you can bring as many as you need.  Have something special that needs to go along?  In most cases, we can handle it.  If your pet loves to fly as much as you, we can take them too.

Beat the competition to the sale.

If you are flying privately and your competitor uses any other mode of transportation, you will beat them to the sale every time.  As an added benefit, your customer will know their importance and see how quickly you are able to attend to their needs.

Bring the whole team.

With Aero Charter, there is no per seat cost! Now that you are traveling efficiently without all the delays, extra overnights, and expenses, why not take along that additional person to help make your meetings more effective.

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